Kamis, 27 November 2014

Wearing sequence Facial Treatment Morning and Night

Wearing sequence Facial Treatment Morning and Night

Wearing sequence Facial Treatment Morning and Night

Problems faced by women with age, in addition to decreased metabolism, skin loosens and arise too fine lines called wrinkles.

Well, one way to skin care for face and body is by applying serum and moisturizer. Both of these products have benefits to nourish and maintain skin aging prematurely. However, can wear and then stacked with a moisturizing serum or moisturizer?

Ideally facials begin with soap cleanser, toner, essence, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen in the morning, then daub new makeup.

Meanwhile, in the evening starting treatment sequence of soap cleanser, toner, essence, serum, and moisturizer.

Well, because of the many skin problems, women often have a lot of serum with diverse functions. Face lightening serum, serum stain remover or spots, until the serum to tackle wrinkles.

The use of stacked serum is normal and does not cause side effects, even that is not allowed is the time to accumulate a variety of moisturizers.

'The use of moisturizers should alternately, one for the morning, the second for the night.

Therefore, piled two moisturizers at once will make even oily skin and cause acne because the skin is oily teralalu.

Sabtu, 15 November 2014

Why Men Fear Marriage?

Why Men Fear Marriage?
Why Men Fear Marriage?
Not a few men who suddenly panic and fear when faced with a long-term commitment. Such attitudes of men, so women often make harbored upset and finally choose split. Actually, what makes a man afraid of commitment.

The fear of future disputes
Many men who have a sense of worry about the level and compatible between himself and his partner. Men have an irrational fear. Well, in the face of long-term relationships, they tend to withdraw at the thought about the nature of the couple they do not like going to trigger fighting in the future.

Material, family, sex, and the principle of life is a primary consideration when determining a match between him and his partner.

Fear of becoming old and boring
Many lovers, when they're stepping into a more serious commitment, they are afraid to feel old and boring. In addition, isolated from the social environment and become "unknown" also evokes fear in men

Those who have this fear usually have a lot of friends, an active lifestyle, and love adventure. They did not want to give up their lives according to more colorful.

Fear was not satisfied sexually
Everyone has different sizes of sexual satisfaction. When a man afraid of commitment, it could be he was not satisfied with the relationship which he was engaged with his partner.

Kamis, 11 September 2014

3 Body Parts Women Love Never Touched moment

3 Body Parts Women Love Never Touched moment
3 Body Parts Women Love Never Touched moment

Great sex is a matter of spontaneity and of course exploration. However, there are some parts of a woman's body that should not be touched during intercourse. Here are the three parts of a woman's body should not be touched when being berintimasi, as reported Menshealth.

If a man reaches the cervix during sex partner, something was wrong. Narrow canal that connects the vagina to the uterus, where the fetus grows, if untouched would be very painful for women. It could be a sign for men need to shift positions with shallow penetration, this could be a sign of lack of heating.

head clitoris
May seem counterintuitive, but the clitoris is full of sensitive nerve ends can sometimes feel too strongly when stimulated directly. Touching the head of the clitoris, especially when the woman is really aroused, can cause pain too severe.

Just imagine when swallowing drink ice cold and unpleasant teeth chattering, so roughly referred pain.

A study from John Hopkins University shows that wearing socks can increase potential orgasm, both men and women. One of the potential reasons, due to orgasm, the woman should be completely relaxed, anxiety free, and cold feet. Because these three things, it can interfere with their ability to enjoy sex.

So, if your wife feel comfortable wearing socks, then you should not remove their socks. Because, who knows, the way to make him warm.

Senin, 18 Agustus 2014

Like a mosquito bite Lazy People Change Socks

Like a mosquito bite Lazy People Change Socks

A study conducted by Dr. Phil Koehler of the University of Florida states there are three types of people who are often so coveted the blood-sucking insects or mosquitoes.

People are lazy dressing socks
Bad smell socks that have been worn for days attract mosquitoes from approaching. A researcher named Bart Knols have tested the validity of this theory. Once when he was wearing the same socks for a week, then that happens a bunch of mosquitoes "nested" circling the foot Knols. Kala removable socks, mosquitoes continue to follow wherever the odor socks are.

alcohol drinkers
A study published in the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association, said the reason is because alcohol increases the body temperature and reduce the speed of their reactions. However, the main factor is the indifferent attitude of someone while under the influence of alcohol. mosquito easily perch on alcohol consumption, body temperature due mengal

People who sweat a lot
Sweat causes the production of carbon dioxide and lactic acid increased. This is what makes scent attract mosquitoes. According to the report Dr. Koehler, people who sweat more likely bitten by mosquitoes because of increased body temperature and release more carbon dioxide.

4 symptoms marriage will end divorce

4 symptoms marriage will end divorce
The author, John Gottman, can guess the couple will divorce or survive. Gottman accuracy rate reaches 91 percent.

His book entitled The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, Gottman concluded there are four signals indicate an unhealthy relationship, and likely to fail. More detailed information, such as falling following:

Often throwing criticism
Be careful in giving criticism on the couple. Therefore, criticism is always connotes as a medium to attack someone. So, when will catapult censure on the husband or wife, use words that sound more wise and positive. In addition, creating the feel of such a discussion, not an argument.

Eyeball movement that plays, mock, ridicule, and disparaging signs attitude is demeaning others. One reason for the destruction of households are couples who do not respect each other and respect each other.

When you and your partner in trouble, then you should immediately talk to each other to avoid accusing. Therefore, the defensive nature does not resolve the problem!

Give up or surrender is not an option that can resolve conflicts in the couple. Thus nature just makes you and the husband is and make the relationship more strained

Minggu, 10 Agustus 2014

Good Skin Care

Good Skin Care

The skin is our largest organ, and also one of the most visible. We do not often think of it as an organ, but rather, what people see when they see us. We also think of it as something that protects our bodies. Skin ages with us, and many are doing all they can to fight it. Some have problems with acne, and that may be something that shoots self respect to almost nothing. Although there is no definitive answer on what to do about all these things, then good skin care is always a great start.

Some people think that acne is a result of the food we eat as fat and brown, but it does happen. This often happens because of hormones, therefore a good skin care can mean fewer problems with this skin condition. Acne is usually most prominent on the face, and that is why so much worry about it.

Good skin care always starts with keeping your face clean. Although you may not want to hear it, you have to clean your face at least twice a day to fight some acne. It will not stop all of it, but it will help. Good skin care, on the other hand, will also help with aging. In adolescence, they do not give this much thought, but those who keep their skin clean and use a moisturizer every day will have better skin going through the twenties and thirties. Once you get into your forties, your skin care will be more intense, but good base to help all the way up through the decades.

You do not need to spend a lot for a good skin care, but you should find a product that works for you. You need to know if you have oily skin, dry, or combination skin, and you also have to think about things such as heredity and lifestyle. If you have sensitive skin, your product will be different from someone who is not. Take the time to experiment with different types of products so that you can find a good skin care product that works well for you, and that keep your skin looking fresh and clean. Having great skin is one way you can really boost your self esteem.

Kamis, 10 Juli 2014

Formal Evening Dresses

Formal Evening Dresses

Somebody came up with the dress codes of black tie, white tie, business casual, semi formal, formal and so forth, and it seems like everyone’s supposed to know what they mean yet many us find ourselves googling beforehand to make sure that what we’re going to wear is appropriate. A fashion faux pas can be extremely embarrassing upon arrival and even worse, you have to embarrass yourself for the remainder of the event. Overdressing makes you look sort of snobbish and overprepared, underdressing makes you look like you have no class, and both make you feel really foolish and out of place, so paying attention to the dress code is of upmost importance for maintaining your reputation.

We can all agree and be reasonably sure that formal means you’ll have to clean up well. As it turns out, formal is pretty formal, but not as formal as ultra formal (“white tie,” some us didn’t even know that existed). Formal is “black tie,” in which men have to wear formal tuxedos and women have to wear formal dresses. So formal evening events call for formal evening dresses, but what exactly qualifies as a formal evening dress? Short casual hems are likely to be out of the question, but there are so many different kinds of dresses with so many different details that we need more guidance here.

Formal evening dresses can be short styled, but they have to be cocktail short, not vulgar short. So what’s a cocktail dress? A brief googling session will tell you that cocktail dresses are dresses worn at cocktail events, but that doesn’t help very much. Research a little more and you’ll find out as much as the length, which can be slightly above the knee or around the ankles, but your best bet is to look at a catalogue of cocktail dresses. Then you’ll know that you’re looking at cocktail dresses for sure. Formal evening dresses can also be long with a skirt that flows to the floor. They might have straps, or they might be strapless, or they might have an asymmetrical strap, very in these days. Again, your best bet is to look at a collection of formal evening dresses.

The color of formal evening dresses can vary. They say you can’t go wrong with black, which always looks formal and elegant and flatters the body. If you really want a show stopping number you might opt for the flamboyant red, and if you’re feeling playful you might go for pink. As a rule of thumb, you should pick what looks best on you and what’s most age appropriate.